Bộ giao tiếp micro TOA FV-200RF

Bộ giao tiếp micro TOA FV-200RF

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Bộ giao tiếp micro TOA FV-200RF

- The FV-200RF Microphone Receiver Panel is used to connect the RM-200M Remote Microphone to the FV-200 Series Emergency Public Address System. Up to 4 RM-200M can be connected.


Model FV-200RF
Power Source Usable power supply unit: FS-7000PS
Current Consumption 230mA
No. of Zone Groups in Speaker Microphone Max. 10
Control Input All call: 1 input, No-voltage make contact input, open voltage 24VDC, short-circuit current: Under 5mA, removable terminal block (2 pins)
Control Output SS Control: 55 outputs, No-voltage make contact output, removable terminal block (6 pins)
Chime Ascending 4-note tone
Audio Output 0dB, unbalanced, removable terminal block (2pins)
Usable Remote microphone RM-200 Remote microphone extension unit: RM-210
No. of connectable to remote microphone Max. 4 RM-200M
Max Cable distance 800m
S/N Ratio Over 60 dB
Distortion Under 0.1% (1 kHz)
Finish Panel: Aluminum, black, alumite
Dimensions 482 x 44 x 335.2 mm
Weight 2.8kg

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